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The inverse of giga, in the same way that micro is the inverse of macro.

Images or animations depicting characters or monsters that are so small that their size can be directly compared to microscopic organisms such as tardigrades. Do not use this tag if there are no objects within the frame suggesting the scale of the creature in question.

Common traits of nano posts include the nano characters being too small for macro characters to notice, having to navigate forests of carpet or the "terrain" of macro bodies, being smaller than drops of water, being near a nipple larger than the nano character, and being near a toe an order of magnitude larger than the nano character (if there are claws, the nano character is typically smaller than the claws).

Tag a post as nano if one character is extremely small, typically no more than about 1mm tall (assuming the macro character is normal in height). Posts tagged nano should also be tagged micro.

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ambiguous_gender anthro brown_body brown_ears brown_fur brown_hair brown_markings clothing ears_back eyes_closed fur hair headshot_portrait hi_res mammal markings micro mouth_closed nano nanothefox nanotheglitchfox orange_background pivoted_ears portrait purple_background purple_clothing purple_shirt purple_topwear shirt simple_background smile tongue tongue_out topwear violatheglitchcat white_markings
4_fingers <3 anthro big_breasts breasts dialogue ducky_(artist) duo female fingers hi_res lagomorph larger_female leporid macro male male/female mammal micro micro_abuse micro_on_macro micro_on_nipple monochrome nano nipples rabbit size_difference smaller_male under_clothing
2020 5_toes absurd_res anthro big_breasts breasts canid canine claws duo feet female foot_focus fox furniture hi_res humanoid_feet macro mammal micro micro_on_macro mtfoxx muscular muscular_anthro muscular_female nano reptile scalie shanika size_difference snake soles table toe_claws toes unaware under_boob workout_clothing
4:5 ambiguous_gender anthro blue_body blue_fur blue_hair breasts canid canine cheek_tuft claws eyelashes facial_tuft female fox fur genitals grass hair human inner_ear_fluff krystal looking_down macro mammal micro micromike multicolored_body multicolored_fur nano navel nintendo patreon pussy star_fox toe_claws tuft video_games white_body white_fur white_inner_ear