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Character: husk (hazbin hotel)

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Husk occasionally known as Husker, is a supporting character in the show Hazbin Hotel. He is gambler with an addiction to drinking and smoking, who died of currently unknown causes in the 1970's in his mid 70's. He has a gruff and grumpy personality, constantly angered by and disgruntled by the energetic antics of the other characters on the show.

When he died and went to hell, he was reborn as demon with the body of a Mythological Sphinx. He has black and white fur like that of a Tuxedo Cat. Meant to match the motif of his species namesake, his only clothing is a top hat and bow tie. His Fur also features red highlights and suit symbols speckled on his feathered wings and face. Like, all the demons on the show, Husk has a Demon Transformation or True form, but it is unknown what that form potentially looks like or what powers it gives him.

Husk is reluctantly recruited by Alastor to man the front desk of the hotel and act as bartender in exchange for cheap booze.

Husk is actually a skilled gambler and knows how to speak fluent Italian, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Japanese.

Husk identifies as Pan-sexual, as he is willing to have sex with anyone, anything, and in any fashion, as long as he is sufficiently intoxicated first.

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