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Character: niffty (hazbin hotel)

Niffty is a supporting character on the adult animated series Hazbin Hotel. She is a Jill-of-All-Trades, skilled in cooking, cleaning, sewing, and fanfiction writing. She died at some point in the 1950's in her early 20's, indicated by her dated fashion sense for Poodle Skirts and neckerchiefs. It is purported that her cause of death was suicide, but this could have been changed. She has a very energetic, friendly, and hyperactive, and spontaneous personality.

When she died and went to hell, she was reborn as a demon with the body of a Cyclops and a dwarf-like height. She has fiery red hair, yellow skin, dimples, sharp teeth, and a single eye with a yellow sclera. Like all demons of hell, Niffty has a Demon Transformation, or True Form, but it is unknown what that form potentially looks like or what powers it gives her.

Niffty is recruited by Alastor to work as a maid, which she is happy to oblige as its a chance to make new friends and be near Alastor.

Niffty has superhuman speed and surprising strength. She is also capable of speaking English and Japanese fluently.

Niffty identifies as Straight, and is currently the only resident/employee at the Hazbin Hotel to identify as such. She may or may not have a crush on Alastor.

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