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ghost tail

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A tail-like extension from the body, typically at the hips, with a wispy or vaguely-defined shape. Typical of ghosts and similar entities, as the name might suggest.

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2020 <3 ambiguous_gender brown_body brown_fur buckteeth chocolatekitsune countershading feral floating fur ghost ghost_tail happy lagomorph leporid looking_at_viewer mammal rabbit signature simple_background smile solo spirit tan_countershading teeth toony
2020 anthro black_body black_horn border bottomless bracelet breasts clothed clothing dragon ear_piercing ear_ring female ghost ghost_tail glowing_nails hi_res holding_object horn jewelry looking_at_viewer moon necklace night nut-case outside piercing shirt signature sitting sky solo spirit star starry_sky topwear translucent translucent_body white_border white_clothing white_shirt white_topwear
2017 alpha_channel blue_hair breasts disembodied_hand featureless_breasts featureless_crotch female ghost_tail goo_creature goo_hair goo_humanoid hair hi_res humanoid jam_(character) juicydemon pseudo_hair purple_body purple_skin slightly_chubby slime solo
anthro anthrofied belly breasts curvy_figure dark_background elemental_creature female flora_fauna ghost ghost_tail grinn hi_res leaf navel nintendo phantump plant pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémorph purple_eyes smile solo spirit thick_thighs tree_stump video_games