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car destruction

General car desturction where a vehicle or mutliple vehicles are visibly damaged or destroyed. This tag includes destruction by any means: explosion, crash, and even for niche fetishes like being crushed by macros.

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anthro black_body breasts building car car_destruction city clawed_wings claws crush destruction digitigrade dragon female gloves_(marking) grey_body horn macro markings multicolored_body night_mint paws scaled_underbelly scales solo stomping surprise thick_thighs toe_claws vehicle wings
anita_bigtime anklet anthro car_destruction crush destruction dragon feet female foot_shot group human jewelry kencougr larger_female macro mammal signature size_difference solo_focus
1:1 2018 anklet anthro anus canid canine car_destruction destruction fingerless_(marking) fox genitals group hi_res jewelry logan_grey low-angle_view macro male mammal mtfoxx nude pawpads penis plantigrade solo_focus vein worm's-eye_view
2017 3_toes 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation 4:3 animated anthro car_destruction claws crush digital_media_(artwork) dinosaur doublescale erection feet foot_fetish grey_body hi_res high_framerate huge_filesize macro male multiple_angles no_sound paws reptile scalie short_playtime soles solo theropod toe_claws toes trample trampling tyrannosaurid tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus_rex webm