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When a voluntary, monetary payment is given, received, or solicited in an image. Common cases include strippers and waiters.

This tag should not be used when the payment involved is required. If payment is required for sexual favors the prostitution tag is appropriate.

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2020 3:4 anthro big_breasts big_butt breasts butt capra_demon clothing cobalt_canine dancing dark_souls dialogue female footwear fromsoftware genitals hi_res high_heels holding_butt money platform_footwear platform_heels pole pole_dancing pussy shaking_butt shoes solo stripper_pole tipping video_games
2011 anthro berri blonde_hair blue_eyes bracelet breasts chipmunk cigar cleavage clothed clothing cloves conditional_dnp conker conker's_bad_fur_day empty_eyes female footwear fully_clothed fur glowing grey_body grey_fur grin ground_squirrel group hair jewelry jollyjack light looking_at_another male mammal money orange-fur rareware rodent sciurid shoes silhouette smile smoke tan_body tan_fur teeth tipping tree_squirrel undressing video_games white_eyes
absurd_res anthro antlers blood bodily_fluids bracelet cervid clothed clothing crossdressing dancing ear_piercing female girly hair hi_res horn jewelry legwear long_hair male mammal nosebleed piercing pilot_goggles pole pole_dancing raised_tail solo stockings stripper thong tipping underwear vampi wine_glass
4:3 anthro armwear avian big_breasts bird blonde_hair boots breast_implants breasts car chicken clothing curvaceous curvy_figure dancing diner dracojeff duo elbow_gloves faith_miller fake_breasts female footwear g-string galliform gallus_(genus) gloves hair handwear high_heels huge_breasts huge_hips legwear lingerie money moon natural_breasts neon_lights nipple_piercing nipple_ring nipples outside parakeet parrot phasianid piercing pole pole_dancing prosthetic prosthetic_arm prosthetic_leg prosthetic_limb shoes shuza_(famwammer) small_waist stage_fright stripper stripper_pole thigh_boots thigh_highs tipping true_parrot underwear vehicle voluptuous wide_hips