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When a voluntary, monetary payment is given, received, or solicited in an image. Common cases include strippers and waiters.

This tag should not be used when the payment involved is required. If payment is required for sexual favors the prostitution tag is appropriate.

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2020 ailurid angry anthro blush bottomwear bulge chair clothed clothing crop_top crownedvictory english_text erection erection_under_clothing eyes_closed eyewear female femboy_hooters furniture genital_outline glasses greyscale grope hair hi_res hotpants hyaenid hybrid kiba male mammal money money_in_clothes monochrome penis_outline piercing ponytail procyonid raccoon red_panda sampson_(thyme) shirt shorts sketch smile stippling tank_top text text_on_clothing text_on_shirt text_on_topwear tipping topwear unprofessional_behavior
alcohol anthro antlers bartender belly belly_overhang beverage big_belly big_butt blush butt cervid clothed clothing dialogue dialogue_box hi_res holding_object horn jockstrap looking_at_viewer looking_back male mammal money overweight overweight_anthro overweight_male raised_tail skimpy solo thick_thighs tipping tyroo underwear waiter