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nonbinary gender


Nonbinary (lore) may apply if a characters is nonbinary according to the source. See e621:lore tags for the guide on when to apply lore tags.

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alpha_channel ambiguous_gender animatronic anthro canid canine dipstick_tail five_nights_at_freddy's fox funtime_foxy_(fnaf) hair head_tuft invalid_tag lipstick long_tail low_res machine makeup mammal multicolored_body multicolored_tail pink_body pseudo_hair robot sister_location solo speaker tuft vergence28 video_games white_body wire yellow_eyes
2020 4:5 4_toes 5_fingers anthro blush breasts brown_hair butt clothing collar digital_media_(artwork) distracted feet felid female fingers footwear fur hair headphones hi_res invalid_tag lion long_hair long_tail mammal pantherine phone purple_eyes relaxing shirt short_fur sitting socks solo toes topwear yellow_body yellow_fur yellow_nose yourfavoritelemonade
abdominal_bulge absurd_res ahegao anthro armwear big_breasts bodily_fluids bodysuit breasts camel_toe chiropteran clothing elbow_gloves fangs female genital_fluids gloves handwear hi_res huge_breasts hyper hyper_breasts invalid_tag kabos lactating legwear looking_pleasured mammal nipples pussy_juice rouge_the_bat skinsuit solo sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) teeth thigh_highs tight_clothing tongue tongue_out torn_clothing unbirthing vaginal vore
5_fingers absurd_res armor arthropod back_groove blonde_eyebrows blonde_hair blue_eyes blush border braided_hair butterfly clothing comic devil_hs dialogue elf english_text eyebrows female fingers hair hand_on_arm hi_res humanoid humanoid_pointy_ears insect invalid_tag lepidopteran lisse_(leah) lizardman_(warhammer_fantasy) loincloth male nielsdejong nude outside pregnant pterosaur reptile saurus scales scalie speech_bubble sun teal_body teal_scales text warhammer_(franchise) warhammer_fantasy white_border