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Character: hilda ezelyn (pederont)

Professional bartender.
Her favorite joke is to make people drink Spirytus.

Date Created (Birthday): (2019) August 3rd
Full Name: Hilda Ezelyn
Species: Wolf
Age: 31
Height: 178.2
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: BI
Job: Bartender

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accessory alcohol anthro beverage big_breasts black_hair bottle breasts canid canine canis digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) ear_piercing female fur grey_body grey_fur hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon half-length_portrait hi_res hilda_ezelyn_(pederont) holding_bottle holding_breast holding_object long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal narrowed_eyes nipple_piercing nipples nude pederont piercing portrait pose ribbons simple_background solo wolf