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Character: sir pentious (hazbin hotel)

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Sir Pentious is a recurring villain in the adult animated series Hazbin Hotel. He was an inventor who died of currently unknown causes in the year 1888 in his 40's for currently unknown causes. He is one of the oldest characters on the show, both in physical age, and relative to his arrival in hell.

When he went to hell, he became a demon taking on the form of a naga. Sir Pentious has eyes that have pink sclera with black, narrow pupils. His cobra's hood is mostly yellow, with the tips being black. He has 4 pink eye patterns on his hood. He has a long neck. Sir Pentious wears a black and yellow bow tie, a yellow shirt with a pink eye on it, and a coat which is grey with yellow vertical stripes. He has sharp, pink claws for fingers. Sir Pentious's tail is black with thick, yellow stripes, and many pink eyes are present on his tail. He also wears a top hat which, just like him, has sharp, yellow teeth and a pink eye. The top hat seems to be alive, as it blinks and changes expressions in unison with Sir Pentious. Like all demons in hell, Sir Pentious has a Demon Transformation, or True Form. But it has yet to be seen or hinted at in the show.

Personality-wise, Sir Pentious is bombastic, flamboyant, and persistent, having the personality one would expect from an old school 60's villain. As noted by Angel Dust, Sir Pentious is oblivious to sexual innuendos. This is due to the fact he's from the late 19th century when sexual innuendos and sex jokes weren't really a thing. His goal is to become an Overlord, using his tinker toy-like machines, weapons, and inventions and his army of Egg Bois. In addition to his keen intellect, Sir Pentious has Superhuman Strength, a venomous bite almost as potent as Angel Dust's and the ability to hypnotize people using the eyes in his cobra hood. The many eyes all over his body also give him a 360 degree view of his surroundings. He appears to be in an ongoing turf war with Cherri Bomb and has previously met and fought Alastor the Radio Demon. Though the latter has no recollection of who he is supposed to be.

He has a secret crush and probably identifies as straight due to the time he lived in.

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