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Character: vox (vivzmind)

Vox is a major antagonist on the adult animated series Hazbin Hotel. He is a member of "The Three V's" a group of powerful overlords, alongside Velvet the Doll Demon and his ex-boyfriend Valentino the Sex Demon. He represents the media of television.

Vox died in the 1950's when television, game shows, and McDonald's were becoming common and popular in America. The cause of his death is currently unknown.

When he died and went to hell he became a demon, specifically a demon with a TV Screen for a head.

Vox is a slim, technology-themed demon standing at about 7'00". He wears a striped tuxedo and a black and red striped shirt. He has a red bow tie and a white-ish blue undershirt. He wears a black top hat with red and blue designs reminiscent of a broadcast symbol and radio wave symbol, respectively, and his antennas stick out of it. He has a flat-screen TV for a head, and his eyes are red with light-blue pupils, but his left eye has black stripes and a jagged pupil. He has light blue teeth and what appears to be blood dripping from one side of his mouth. His eyebrows are different colors, the left's white and the right's dark blue. He also has a demon form which has yet to be seen.

Vox's stated to be quite the showman, and a charismatic, egotistical, and manipulative individual who craves attention Like Velvet, he is always keeping up with the latest trends and technology, but unlike Velvet has been described as level headed. He has a mutual hatred for Alastor the Radio Demon, stemming primarily from their opposing views on technology, with Alastor being disinterested in technology and the cultures invented after his death, and Vox embracing new technology and lifestyles long after his. He enjoys watching commercials and Game Shows and has a pet Hammerhead Shark named Vark.

In terms of abilities, Vox is considered a middle ground to his lover Valentino and his enemy Alastor when it comes to power. He is the owner of "Vox's Multimedia", a corporate conglomerate with many streaming, technology manufacturing, and social media platform subsidiaries including: Voxtagram, Voxflix,
VoxTube, Vphone, and Shuttervox. He is understandably very wealthy and has a lot of manpower. However, he is also physically very powerful, having the power of electromagnetic manipulation and technopathy. If sufficiently angered, he is capable of causing a hell-wide blackout. But he is not as powerful as his fellow overlords in their respective spheres.

Box identifies as Bisexual or Pansexual.

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