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Artist: lordmoonbiscuit


let's turn on some hot jams

Artist // Student // Digital Art

He / Him

swiggity swag, what's in the bag

i am an idiot who draws things on the occasion. i don't often respond to favs n'stuff because it's a hassle to go to every single profile in exsistance to thank everyone. so i'm thanking you right here.

I don't upload very often, but when i do, it's probably gonna be pretty dumb. Or an avali.

my fursona is an angel dragon. Call me cliche but i think they're cool.

Suits of mine
Kevin the Deer (retired)
Iceatope the Cambrine (retired)
Rhapsody the Monster Goat
Traveler the Dutch Angel Dragon
Neptune the Skull Fox
Kyoto the Avali

Conventions i have attended or plan to attend. i unfortunately can only go to conventions in Georgia
FWA '17 ✓
Momocon '17 ✓
Dragoncon '17
AWA '17

thank you, muffin face. watch me if you want. I would appreciate it.

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3_fingers 4_ears 4_toes ambiguous_gender avali black_body black_claws black_feathers black_sclera claws digital_media_(artwork) feathers fingers head_feathers lordmoonbiscuit mammal model_sheet multi_ear nude orange_body orange_eyes orange_feathers pixel_(artwork) red_scarf scarf semi-anthro simple_background solo standing starbound toes video_games white_background white_body white_feathers wings