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teal background

A background that is teal colored. Teal is a color between green and blue, often leaning towards the green side. It technically can be considered dark cyan, but it is currently tagged separately from cyan.

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1_eye 2018 2_toes alien alien_humanoid balloon baytaboo black_hair blue_mouth blue_tongue child clothed clothing crossdressing disney disney_parks dress eyewear fake_ears fake_nose female group hair hand_holding hat headgear headwear hi_res human humanoid jumba_jookiba kweltikwan lilo_and_stitch lilo_pelekai male mammal mickey_ears_hat mickey_mouse multi_eye obese overweight pleakley plorgonarian purple_body purple_skin smile stitch_(lilo_and_stitch) sunglasses teal_background toes tongue wig young
2016 4_toes accessory anthro baggy_clothing belly biped black_eyewear black_goggles black_nose blonde_hair blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_shorts bodily_fluids bottomwear breast_size_difference breasts brown_body brown_ears brown_eyebrows brown_feet brown_fur brown_hair canid canine circle_eyebrows clothed clothing coat countershade_fur countershade_torso countershading dark_bottomwear dark_clothing dark_nose dark_shorts dipstick_ears dipstick_hair duo eyebrow_through_hair eyebrows eyes_always_closed eyes_closed eyewear feet female flower flower_in_hair fluffy_ears footwear fox fully_clothed fur furry_ears goggles goggles_on_head grey_clothing grey_sweater grey_topwear hair hair_accessory hand_holding japanese_text kemono lab_coat leg_markings light_belly light_body light_clothing light_coat light_face light_fur light_inner_ear light_lab_coat light_text light_topwear long_sleeves mabo_(artist) mammal markings monotone_belly monotone_bottomwear monotone_clothing monotone_coat monotone_eyebrows monotone_feet monotone_inner_ear monotone_lab_coat monotone_nose monotone_scarf monotone_shorts monotone_sweater monotone_topwear multi_tone_body multi_tone_fur multicolored_body multicolored_ears multicolored_eyewear multicolored_face multicolored_fur multicolored_goggles multicolored_hair open_mouth open_toe_footwear open_toe_sandals oversized_coat oversized_topwear overweight overweight_anthro overweight_female pigtails pink_clothing pink_scarf plant sandals scarf scientist shirt short_snout shorts simple_background skirt smile socks_(marking) standing sweater teal_background tears text toes topwear translation_request translucent translucent_hair two_tone_ears two_tone_eyewear two_tone_face two_tone_goggles two_tone_hair white_belly white_body white_clothing white_coat white_countershading white_eyewear white_face white_fur white_goggles white_inner_ear white_lab_coat white_text white_topwear yellow_body yellow_ears yellow_face yellow_fur
3_toes anthro barefoot bottomwear cervid clothing darwin_(tinydeerguy) grey_bottomwear grey_clothing grey_pants hi_res male mammal open_mouth pants pink_clothing pink_shirt pink_topwear shirt shorts solo t-shirt teal_background tinydeerguy toes topwear
1:1 2020 <3 <3_eyes abstract_background android animal_humanoid blonde_hair blue_eyes cowlick creepy_smile dialogue english_text eyelashes female grid grid_background gun hair hi_res humanoid intense_stare knackmaster77 looking_at_viewer machine marine marine_humanoid merfolk multicolored_hair no_straight_roads pink_body pink_hair pink_skin pointing_gun_at_you profanity ranged_weapon robot sayu_(nsr) scales short_hair smile solo teal_background teeth text video_games weapon white_hair wristband