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Art featuring body piercings.

Head piercings:

Genital and related piercings:

Furry piercings:

Misc piercings:

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2020 3:4 aggressive angry anthro belly canid canine canis clothed clothing collar cub curvy_figure domestic_dog duo ear_piercing english_text female flat_chested fur gloves_(marking) hi_res hourglass_figure husky hybrid jewelry kyli_(character) mammal markings multicolored_body navel nordic_sled_dog panties piercing punk school scuty_(artist) size_difference skimpy skinny slim spitz teasing teenager text tongue tongue_piercing underwear white_body white_fur wolf wolfdog yellow_eyes young
1:1 absurd_res after_transformation allbadbadgers annoyed anthro apron assimilation bending breasts clothing corruption crossgender demon demonic dialogue ear_piercing english_text female fish genderbending hi_res hypnosis legwear maid_uniform marine mind_control nipple_piercing nipples piercing scalie shark solo stockings story story_in_description text thick_thighs uniform
abdominal_bulge anal_orgasm anthro anthro_on_anthro anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_anthro armwear balls biceps bodily_fluids bovid bovine bridal_gauntlets cattle clothing cum cumshot ejaculation erection facial_piercing foreskin foreskin_play fur genital_fluids genitals hands-free hi_res holding_clothing horn legwear male male/male male_penetrated male_penetrating male_penetrating_male mammal mostly_nude murid murine nipples nose_piercing nose_ring orgasm penetration penile penile_penetration penis piercing pink_armwear pink_clothing pink_legwear pink_thigh_highs pubes rat rodent rov socks uncut
anthro bed bedroom belly big_belly big_breasts bodily_fluids breasts camber clitoris clitoris_piercing equid equine fan_character female female/female furniture genital_piercing genitals group hand_on_breast harem hasbro hi_res holding_breast horn icy_heart lactating looking_at_viewer mammal milk my_little_pony navel nipple_piercing nipples nude pegasus piercing pregnant pussy pussy_piercing redwix smile unicorn wings