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convenient censorship

When an item or body part in the foreground just "happens" to be obscuring the view of more explicit parts, be it intentional or accidental.

Note that this does not apply if the view is blocked by something that's innately explicit, such as a penis.

See slso:

The following tags are aliased to this tag: convenient_censoring, artistic_censorship (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: tail_censorship, hair_covering_breasts (learn more).

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2020 5_fingers <3 accessory anthro bed big_breasts black_body black_ears black_fur blonde_hair blush bodily_fluids breasts chest_tuft claws convenient_censorship covering covering_breasts cute_fangs facial_markings felid female fingers fur furniture glistening glistening_hair hair hair_accessory hair_tie half-closed_eyes head_markings hi_res horokusa0519 inner_ear_fluff kemono lying mammal markings narrowed_eyes navel nude on_back on_bed orange_body orange_fur pantherine pink_nose pupils red_eyes slit_pupils solo sweat sweatdrop tail_markings tiger tongue tongue_out translucent translucent_hair tuft white_body white_fur
2018 <3 anthro canid canine cheek_tuft convenient_censorship dialogue disney english_text facial_tuft fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur green_eyes half-closed_eyes head_tuft inner_ear_fluff juantriforce male mammal narrowed_eyes nick_wilde nude open_mouth open_smile orange_body orange_fur red_fox signature simple_background smile solo tail_censorship teeth text tuft zootopia
3:4 anthro camera_view cellphone cheetah clothing comic convenient_censorship english_text felid feline footwear footwear_only fuze hi_res holding_cellphone holding_object holding_phone lying male mammal mostly_nude nipples on_back phone public_nudity shoes shoes_only smile smirk solo text text_message
2020 anthro beastars bed bird's-eye_view blush breasts convenient_censorship dakimakura_design domestic_rabbit ears_down english_text feet female full-length_portrait furniture haru_(beastars) hi_res high-angle_view humanoid_feet humanoid_hands lagomorph leporid looking_at_viewer lying mammal moonllita nipples nude on_back on_bed oryctolagus pivoted_ears portrait rabbit solo text url white_body