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convenient censorship

When an item or body part in the foreground just "happens" to be obscuring the view of more explicit parts, be it intentional or accidental.

Note that this does not apply if the view is blocked by something that's innately explicit, such as a penis.

See slso:

The following tags are aliased to this tag: convenient_censoring, artistic_censorship (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: tail_censorship, hair_covering_breasts (learn more).

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anthro black_body black_fur blue_collar blue_eyes collar convenient_censorship detailed_background domestic_cat felid feline felis fur maim male mammal solo
2017 blush breasts brown_hair convenient_censorship deras detailed_background female hair horn horned_humanoid hot_spring humanoid navel night not_furry onsen plant rock shrub sitting smile solo towel water
2020 absurd_res anthro belly big_belly bodypaint breasts convenient_censorship detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) dreamworks felid female hands_on_hips hi_res kung_fu_panda lake looking_at_viewer mammal master_tigress nude outside pantherine portrait pregnant sabrotiger side_view solo standing stripes three-quarter_portrait tiger tree water