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Tagged for posts that feature two characters, no more and no less than two.

What is counted as a character?
  • Any creature physically present within the scene, in whole or in part (including things like disembodied_hands).
  • Any characters or creatures in the background, regardless of distance and size difference.
  • Someone interacting with the scene whose likeness is visible (e.g. on screen in a video_call, a cutaway, etc.).
  • Someone present in static media, such as a photograph, when only static character likenesses are present (Example).
  • Multi-headed characters are counted only once. Do not count each head as a separate character.

Each image in multi-image posts is tagged separately, which means that it's possible (for instance) to have both solo and duo tags on the same post.

Comic pages are tagged cumulatively by scene. For instance, two characters talking to each other is tagged as duo, not solo, even if drawn in separate panels.

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2019 after_vore animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro anthro_on_anthro attribute_theft balls big_balls big_breasts big_penis black_hair blue_nipples blush breasts dragon duo elephant elephantid equine_penis eyelashes female freckles genitals gynomorph hair hi_res horn huge_balls huge_penis hyper hyper_balls hyper_genitalia hyper_penis intersex larger_gynomorph larger_intersex mammal nipple_piercing nipples nude penis piercing proboscidean pussy size_difference slightly_chubby sophie_(zigzagmag) trisha_(desmondpony) vore zigzagmag