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multiple poses

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Tagged when one image contains two or more depictions of the same character in a variety of poses or gestures.

There are rare exceptions, but these posts usually contain only one character and should therefore be tagged as solo.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: poses, more_than_one_pose, several_pose, several_poses, multiple_pose (learn more).

This tag implicates pose (learn more).

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2018 animal_humanoid apron apron_lift bikini bikini_top blush breasts butt canid canid_humanoid canine canine_humanoid caster_tamamo-no-mae cleavage clothed clothing clothing_lift fate_(series) female fox_humanoid grin hair hand_gesture hi_res humanoid looking_at_viewer mammal mammal_humanoid multiple_poses pink_hair pose ribbons simple_background smile solo swimwear white_background wisespeak
2020 absurd_res anthro border bottomwear clothed clothing domestic_cat ears_back ears_down english_text featureless_crotch felid feline felis female fully_clothed fur hi_res inner_ear_fluff mammal model_sheet multiple_poses nude open_mouth open_smile pink_background pivoted_ears pose red_border relaxable relaxablefur shirt shorts simple_background sitting smile solo standing striped_body striped_fur stripes t-shirt tan_body tan_fur teeth text topwear tuft whiskers
2020 anthro argonian assisted_exposure ball bath bathing beach_ball bethesda_softworks bikini blaze_the_cat breasts buckteeth bullying butt clothing crossover disney domestic_cat embarrassed erect_nipples erection eulipotyphlan eye_patch eyewear felid feline felis female fish fur genitals grin group hair head_tuft hedgehog hi_res holding_object holding_weapon hollow_knight hornet_(hollow_knight) judy_hopps lagomorph leporid liska_(scalie_schoolie) male mammal marine melee_weapon monochrome multiple_poses nauyaco navel nipple_outline nipples nude oblivion open_mouth open_smile penis pose prank pussy quill-weave rabbit reptile scalie scalie_schoolie shandi showering silver_the_hedgehog simple_background small_penis smile snake_hood soap solo sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) swimwear team_cherry teeth the_elder_scrolls tuft undertale undyne v-cut vessel_(species) video_games weapon webcomic wet white_background zootopia
animate_inanimate anthro bodily_fluids book claws cthugha_(tas) dialogue dragon duo eyewear fangs glasses graphite_(artwork) hi_res holding_book holding_object jacketbear living_melee_weapon living_sword living_weapon male melee_weapon multiple_poses muscular muscular_anthro muscular_male nipples nude pecs pencil_(artwork) pose rear_view speech_bubble spikes sweat sword tentacles tokyo_afterschool_summoners tongue tongue_out traditional_media_(artwork) video_games weapon