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multiple poses

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Tagged when one image contains two or more depictions of the same character in a variety of poses or gestures.

There are rare exceptions, but these posts usually contain only one character and should therefore be tagged as solo.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: several_pose, several_poses, poses, multiple_pose, more_than_one_pose (learn more).

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anthro barefoot bent_over breasts butt choker claws clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) feet female fluffy fluffy_tail footwear fur genitals green_body green_fur hi_res jewelry kneeling lizz_(thelordp_chan) looking_at_viewer mammal mostly_nude multiple_poses navel necklace one_leg_up pawpads paws pose procyonid pussy raccoon raised_leg red_eyes simple_background sitting sketch socks solo thelordp_chan toe_claws toes tongue tongue_out topless underwear
2021 3_toes 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation 5_fingers abs animated anthro anthrofied areola big_breasts big_butt black_areola black_sclera blue_body blue_nipples blue_pussy blue_scales bouncing_breasts bouncing_butt breasts butt chair claws connivingrat dialga digital_media_(artwork) feet female fingers fist flexing furniture genitals hi_res huge_breasts huge_butt huge_thighs humanoid_hands legendary_pokémon looking_at_viewer multiple_poses muscular muscular_anthro muscular_female nintendo nipples no_sound nude outside parasol plant pokémon pokémon_(species) pose potted_plant pussy red_eyes scales short_playtime solo source_filmmaker table tail_aside thick_thighs toe_claws toes video_games webm white_body white_claws white_scales
2020 against_surface against_wall anthro arm_support bent_over big_breasts big_butt big_tail blush bottomwear breast_squish breasts breasts_against_glass bubble_butt butt butt_heart canid canine chest_tuft clothed clothing dress_shirt female fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur furgonomics hi_res huge_breasts japanese_text kemono legwear mammal miniskirt multicolored_body multicolored_fur multiple_poses on_glass pose prick_ears raised_tail rankanri rear_view shirt sketch skimpy skirt solo squish tail_upskirt text thick_tail thigh_highs topwear train tuft two_tone_body two_tone_fur upskirt vehicle