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Images or animations depicting one or more nipples: organs which, while serving no functionality in males, are used for the release of breast milk in females.

Existent only in mammals, but in the Furry medium, most will not complain at their presence on, for example, reptilian characters.

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In most species, both the males and females have (the same number of) nipples; however, male rats and stallions do not have nipples.

Many mammals have more than 2 nipples:
Cattle: 4
Cat: 8
Dog: 8 or 10
Mouse: 10
Rat: 12
Virginia Opossum: 13
Pig: 6 to 18

The following tags are aliased to this tag: nipple, supernumerary_nipples, nippes, niples, nippls (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: nipple_piercing, big_nipples, nipple_penetration, puffy_nipples, erect_nipples, black_nipples, inverted_nipples, multi_nipple, blue_nipples, pink_nipples, green_nipples, brown_nipples, purple_nipples, cum_on_nipples, grey_nipples, hyper_nipples, nipple_lick, orange_nipples, white_nipples, yellow_nipples, tan_nipples, teal_nipples, glowing_nipples, nipple_vore, mottled_nipples, long_nipples, nipple_fisting, red_nipples (learn more).

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