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Species: furret

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Furret (Japanese: オオタチ Ootachi) is a Normal-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Sentret starting at level 15.

Furret is a tan creature that bears a strong resemblance to a ferret. Its most notable feature is its long skinny body, which is used for slipping through the small entrances to its nest and squirm through small spaces to escape foes. It has two brown lines on each cheek and cream-tipped ears. It has four medium-sized brown rings from its tail to the middle of its torso and smaller brown rings on each of its forepaws. However, its hind paws are cream-colored. All of its paws have pink paw pads. Furret is capable of standing on its hind legs, but prefers to move on all fours. Despite its short limbs, Furret is very quick and agile. It tends to burrow deep in the ground of meadows and other grasslands.

Shiny Furret has pink fur instead of brown

Furret is feral in its canon form.

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