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Species: minccino

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Minccino (チラーミィ) is a Normal-type Pokémon. It evolves into Cinccino, and is in the Field egg group.

Minccino is a furry, gray bipedal Pokémon with tuft of fur on its head and neck. It has big ears with red insides partly covered by tufts of fur. It has large, brown eyes and a small, dot-like nose. Its ears and tail have white tips, and the tail is unusually long.

Shiny Minccino has pink fur.

Minccino in its canon form is a bipedal animal-like creature that clearly walks on two feet, and has human-like head to neck to shoulders ratio. As such, they should generally be tagged as anthro, with the semi-anthro subtag. The species is also often commonly depicted as an anthro pokémorph, and occasionally feralized.

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