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Copyright: chi's sweet home

A manga series by Konami Kanata, later adapted into an anime series. It features a kitten named Chi who got lost and got adopted by a human family.

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! 16:9 2d_animation 8-bit :3 :< :d :o aircraft airplane ambiguous_gender angry animal_crossing animated asian_mythology beady_eyes black_body black_fur blue_body blue_fur blush blush_stickers bob_(animal_crossing) bongo_cat bongo_cat_and_friends bongo_drum bongos bow brown_inner_ear bus canid canine canis cat_mario cat_mario_(character) catbus chi's_sweet_home chi_(cat) clothed clothing commercial_vehicle cookie countershading crossover cucumber dachshund domestic_cat domestic_dog drum east_asian_mythology eating english_text eyes_closed eyewear fairy_tail fangs felid feline felis female flute flying food frown fur ghibli glasses gloves_(marking) grey_body grey_fur grey_inner_ear group guitar hair happy_(fairy_tail) hat headgear headwear hello_kitty_(character) hello_kitty_(series) hi_res high_framerate hunting_dog hybrid incubator_(puella_magi) japanese_mythology japanese_text jibanyan keyboard_cat keyboard_instrument kyubey long_hair long_playtime longcat luna_(sailor_moon) mammal maraca markings masahiro_(mitchiri_neko) meme meow meowth mitchiri_neko multicolored_body multicolored_fur music music_video musical_instrument muzzle_(marking) my_neighbor_totoro mythology neko_atsume nekomata nintendo nyan_cat open_mouth or3o orange_body orange_fur pawpads paws pepper_(ukinojoe) percussion_instrument piano pink_body pink_fur pink_inner_ear pink_nose pink_pawpads pixel plant playing_music plucked_string_instrument pokémon pokémon_(species) pop-tarts public_transportation puella_magi puella_magi_madoka_magica purple_body purple_fur pusheen red_body red_eyes red_fur red_inner_ear rosy_cheeks sailor_moon_(series) sanrio sharp_teeth shirt singing smile song sound string_instrument tall tan_body tan_fur tardar_sauce teeth tem temmie_(undertale) text tongue tongue_out topwear tubbs two_tone_body two_tone_fur undertale vegetable vehicle vehicle_for_hire video_games voice_acted webm whiskers white_body white_countershading white_fur widescreen wind_instrument wings woodwind_instrument xylophone yellow_nose yo-kai_watch yōkai
adventure_time anthro anti_dev avian beak bent_beak bird bottomwear capcom cartoon_network chi's_sweet_home clothed clothing crew_(anti_dev) crossover disney dr._seuss english_text feathers garfield_(series) garfield_the_cat hi_res hoodie male pants picid pileated_woodpecker powerpuff_girls pusheen realistic simon's_cat standing style_parody text tim_burton topwear video_games woodpecker ōkami
1:1 2016 animated anus backsack balls bouncing_balls chi's_sweet_home chi_(cat) domestic_cat felid feline felis feral genitals male mammal short_playtime solo unknown_artist z458z458z
^_^ 2016 2_tails :3 3_toes accessory aliasing alpha_channel ambiguous_gender angry asian_mythology belt biped black_body black_eyes black_fur black_nose blue_fire bodily_fluids brown_nose >:c cheek_tuft chi_(cat) chi's_sweet_home cleaning clothing colored_fire creepy_smile cross-eyed crossover :d digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_tail domestic_cat ears_back east_asian_mythology empty_stare eye_contact eyes_closed facial_tuft featureless_crotch featureless_feet featureless_hands featureless_limbs felid feline felis female feral fire flame_markings flaming_tail fluffy fluffy_tail friendship_is_magic front_view frown full-length_portrait fur gloves_(marking) gold_rings grey_body grey_fur grey_markings grey_stripes group grumpy hair hair_accessory hair_ribbon half-closed_eyes hand_on_shoulder head_tuft incubator_(puella_magi) inner_ear_fluff japanese_mythology jewelry jibanyan kittyfloss kyubey leg_markings licking litten long_tail looking_at_another looking_down mammal markings multicolored_body multicolored_fur multicolored_tail multi_tail muzzle_(marking) my_little_pony mythology narrowed_eyes necklace nekomata nervous nintendo noseless notched_ear nude opalescence_(mlp) open_mouth orange_body orange_eyes orange_fur orange_markings orange_stripes paws personal_grooming pink_body pink_eyes pink_fur pink_markings pink_nose pivoted_ears pokémon pokémon_(species) ponytail portrait puella_magi puella_magi_madoka_magica purple_clothing quadruped rareware red_body red_eyes red_fur red_markings red_stripes ribbons ring self_lick simple_background sitting size_difference smile socks_(marking) standing stripes sweat sweatdrop tabby_cat tail_tuft thick_tail toes tongue tongue_out transparent_background tuft verumii video_games viva_piñata white_body white_fur yellow_body yellow_clothing yellow_fur yellow_markings yellow_sclera yellow_stripes yōkai yo-kai_watch