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crotch grab

This tag is used when a character's crotch is being grabbed by another character.

If the character is grabbing their own crotch, use holding_crotch instead.

See also:

This tag implicates grope (learn more).

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2019 accessory angry anthro anus bat_pony bent_over blue_eyes blue_hair blush butt butt_grab clitoral_hood crotch_grab duo equid equine eyewear fan_character fangs feathered_wings feathers female female/female fingering genitals glasses grin grope hair hair_accessory hand_on_butt hasbro hi_res highlights_(coloring) hooves looking_at_viewer looking_back mammal membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings my_little_pony nude open_mouth pegasus pussy questionable_consent red_eyes red_hair simple_background smile spread_pussy spreading surprise the-minuscule-task vaginal vaginal_fingering white_background wings
against_wall anthro ark_warrior ball_grab balls bulge canid canine canis clothing crotch_grab domestic_dog domination duo genitals grope groping_crotch hi_res holding_arms husky hybrid male male/male male_domination mammal nordic_sled_dog raised_arm smile spitz underwear wings