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penile spines

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A feature of the feline penis and other mammals (such as fossa, spotted hyena and echidna) as well as some birds and even insects, where sharp, backward-facing spines protrude from the shaft and head.

Sex for cats may be very painful because of these barbs, but even though it may be painful, these hook-like barbs are essential in causing the cat's pussy to be stimulated in a particular way so as to release the eggs.

For dildos, use the barbed_dildo tag instead.

Not to be confused with

  • nubbed_penis - Bearing small lumps or protuberances
  • ribbed_penis - Possessing a shape similar to ridged penis, but with smoother grooves along its length that resemble a set of ribs
  • ridged_penis - Having grooves along the length of the penis that resemble segmentation, typically with straightened edges
  • spiked_penis - Being differentiated from a barbed penis by sharp-looking spikes that are not hooked
  • spikes
  • spines
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