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Used for images that are extremely obviously edited. Usually for humor, shock, or just pure randomness.

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absurd_res ambiguous_fluids ambiguous_gender anthro blush bottle dialogue digital_media_(artwork) edit eeveelution english_text frill_(anatomy) gatorade gesture goonie-san hi_res humor image_macro impact_(font) looking_at_viewer meme nintendo pointing pokémon pokémon_(species) shopped simple_background smile solo text vaporeon video_games what white_eyes why
anthro breasts bulge clothed clothing curvy_figure edit galaxy glistening glistening_body glowing glowing_eyes gynomorph hair humanoid intersex leggings legwear long_hair sangelia shopped skimpy solo space star thick_thighs voluptuous wide_hips
2019 alien ambiguous_gender antlion antlion_(half-life) arthropod bodily_fluids digital_media_(artwork) drooling edit exoskeleton fence fog foggy insect photo_manipulation photorealism pine_tree road saliva saliva_string scary shopped solo tree where_is_your_god_now wudotcw
16:9 2020 3d_(artwork) alcohol anthro anus bar beer beverage black_bars blue_body blue_fur bodily_fluids bottomless clothed clothing cowboy_hat crossgender digital_media_(artwork) edit eulipotyphlan eyelashes female footwear fur genitals german_text gloves green_eyes handwear hat headgear headwear hi_res human mammal owo_sfm pussy ring shoes shopped sonic_the_hedgehog sonic_the_hedgehog_(film) sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) source_filmmaker subtitled text video_games widescreen