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Poses where a character blatantly shows off their exposed sexual anatomy, usually to entice a sexual response from another character or the viewer.

Minimum rating of Questionable, although anything blatant enough for this tag tends to be Explicit.

For more subtle come-ons, consider instead tagging seductive, inviting, or teasing. Inviting and teasing can still complement presenting where appropriate. Seductive can also complement presenting via its bedroom eyes implication or for blatant acts of seduction, but seductive is more suited for erotic poses that do not strongly emphasize sexual anatomy, unlike presenting.

This tag concept was likely derived from lordosis behavior.

Do not confuse with

Do not tag if the character is not intentionally presenting.

  • exposed - tag this instead for characters with no control over their exposed sexual anatomy, perhaps from being bound, stuck, or restrained

Sexually provocative viewpoints are not necessarily presenting:

1. Note that a character spreading their pussy, anus, or cloaca seemingly as an act of presenting probably isn't masturbating. This should probably be viewed as an either/or consideration.


All instances of presenting should also specify the presented anatomy with a presenting_* subtag:

Common presenting poses
Related tags

The following tags are aliased to this tag: displaying, exposing_self, showing_off (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: presenting_hindquarters, presenting_pussy, presenting_penis, presenting_breasts, presenting_anus, presenting_cloaca (learn more).

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