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tentacle sex

Generic tag for tentacle porn. Anything involving tentacle penetration, etc.

Tentacle Tags

This tag implicates tentacles (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: tentaclejob, tentacle_fellatio, tentacle_rape (learn more).

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16:9 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation animal_humanoid animated anthro blush bodily_fluids brown_body brown_fur digital_media_(artwork) fellatio female flat_chested fluffy fluffy_tail fur green_eyes hair hentaieden humanoid lagomorph lagomorph_humanoid leporid leporid_humanoid made_in_abyss mammal mammal_humanoid nanachi nude open_mouth oral oral_penetration penetration penile rabbit rabbit_humanoid saliva sex short_playtime solo sound tentacle_in_mouth tentacle_penetration tentacle_sex tentaclejob tentacles webm white_hair widescreen
alphys ambiguous_gender anthro areola belly blush bodily_fluids breasts buckteeth chubby_female clitoris drooling eyewear female female/ambiguous female_focus finger_on_tongue genital_fluids glasses hi_res looking_at_self looking_down looking_pleasured makeup mascara mikalemur navel nipples non-mammal_breasts penetration pussy_juice reptile restrained saliva scales scalie simple_background slightly_chubby solo_focus suspended_in_midair teeth tentacle_monster tentacle_sex tentacles thick_tail tongue tongue_out undertale vaginal vaginal_penetration video_games wavy_mouth yellow_body yellow_scales
anal animal_humanoid armor bodily_fluids boots breast_squeeze breasts cat_humanoid chibi clothing collar corruption crown double_penetration english_text facial_markings felid felid_humanoid feline feline_humanoid female final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv footwear genital_fluids gloves hair hand_on_breast handwear head_markings heterochromia hi_res holding_breast humanoid leather legwear mammal mammal_humanoid markings miqo'te nightlycatgirl penetration pigtails pussy_juice red_hair solo square_enix stockings straps tattoo tentacle_sex tentacles text tiara torn_clothing translucent translucent_clothing vaginal video_games
andrea_rossi_(hazardtime) animated anthro breast_squish breasts cetacean delphinoid female genitals glowing hadriae hi_res m3nsfw mammal marine no_sound oceanic_dolphin orca pussy short_playtime solo squish tentacle_sex tentacles toothed_whale underwater water webm