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casual nudity

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Do NOT tag if the character is blushing, looks concerned, or seems otherwise embarrassed about nudity.

This is a general tag that is to be used when one or more characters within a post are nude in non-sexual situations. Posts with this tag typically depict a character who is nude for no apparent reason. There may also be other characters, clothed or otherwise, who are typically unconcerned by the general lack of clothing.

Not to be confused with

  • casual_exposure - When a clothed or partially clothed character has their breasts/genitals exposed in a non-sexual manner/situation.
  • pinup - When a character is posing in a sexually suggestive manner.
  • pose - When a character is posing, regardless of whether or not their pose is sexually suggestive.
  • embarrassed - This can imply accidental nudity or exposure
  • exposed - When a character's genitals are showing, but aren't actively being presented or used.
    • forced_nudity - This is a form of forced exposure, implying that it is not casual.
  • exhibitionism - When a character his nude for to allure others
  • seductive - When a character is using nudity to attract an another character, which counts as sexual situation.

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