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Character: shima luan

Shima Luan (better known as just Shima) was an American YouTuber and voice actress in the Danger Dolan series. The Shima character is a female white and pink talking anthropomorphic cat. She read and answered questions on Super Planet Dolan. Shima also had her own YouTube channel:

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2020 after_transformation claws clothing comic domestic_cat felid feline felis female feral fur green_eyes grey_nose mammal moon muscular muscular_female muscular_feral pink_body pink_fur rex_equinox shima_luan solo super_planet_dolan torn_clothing transformation were werecat werefelid werefeline white_body white_fur window
2020 comic domestic_cat fangs felid feline felis female fur green_eyes mammal pink_body pink_fur rex_equinox sharp_teeth shima_luan snout_growth super_planet_dolan teeth transformation were werecat werefelid werefeline white_body white_fur