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Character: natani (twokinds)

A Wolf Keidran from....well the wolf tribe who is VERY gender confused + an assassin. Reasons known but r spoiled. Read the comic for urself for non-spoiler action. Natani enters the story during this chapter.

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2020 7:4 anthro basitin blue_and_white bottomwear canid canine canis clothed clothing conditional_dnp duo female grass hi_res keidran keith_keiser looking_aside looking_up lying male mammal monochrome moon natani night on_back outside shorts sketch sky smile star tom_fischbach twokinds webcomic wolf
2020 accessory anthro barefoot basitin blue_and_white blush bottomwear bow_tie bracelet braided_hair breast_size_difference breasts canid canine canis chest_tuft cleavage clothed clothing conditional_dnp cosplay crossdressing digitigrade evening_dress female final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii flower flower_in_hair fox gloves_(marking) group hair hair_accessory hand_on_hip hi_res inside jewelry keidran keith_keiser laura_(twokinds) looking_aside male mammal markings minidress miniskirt monochrome natani necklace plant sketch skirt square_enix tom_fischbach tuft twokinds video_games webcomic wolf
anthro barrel blue_and_white brother brother_and_sister canid canine canis car clothed clothing conditional_dnp duo fedora female gun hand_in_pocket hat headgear headwear hi_res holding_object holding_weapon keidran looking_aside male male/female mammal money monochrome natani necktie pockets pose ranged_weapon sibling sister sketch smile submachine_gun suit thompson_gun tom_fischbach toothpick topwear trigger_discipline twokinds vehicle vest weapon webcomic wolf zen_(twokinds)