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Character: doom (character)

Male character from the various Doom and Quake games (Doom, Doom 2, Quake, Quake 3) by id Software, not to be confused with doom

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arm_tail bat_wings beverage big_breasts blood blush bodily_fluids bodysuit breasts carnage_(doomthewolf) claws clothed clothing deceit_(doomthewolf) demon doom_(character) doomthewolf fake_ears fake_rabbit_ears fear_(doomthewolf) female fishnet glowing glowing_hair group hair hatred_(doomthewolf) hollow_eyes horn long_hair looking_at_viewer macro membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings multi_limb muscular one_eye_closed pain_(doomthewolf) playboy_bunny scared skimpy skinsuit smile spade_tail spandex swimwear thick_thighs tight_clothing torn_clothing video_games wide_hips wings wink
4:3 abs animated armor clipping dancing doom_(character) flash headgear helmet human human_only male mammal muscular muscular_male not_furry pelvic_thrust quake solo sound unknown_artist what