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e621:tag what you see (explained) (locked)

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The text below is intended to be a sort of "introduction" to e621's Tag What You See policy. The text below is NOT the policy itself, which you can view here: Tag What You See

Reading and understanding the TWYS policy is extremely important if you intend on editing tags on posts at all, so please make sure you read the policy itself as well as this introduction.

The Policy

A brief summary of what the TWYS policy is:

The Debate

The dispute between "Tag What You See" and "Tag What You Know"

The Reasons

There are several reasons for the necessity of the TWYS policy.

The Problems

Of course, no method of tagging is perfect, and there are a few problems that tend to arise as a result of using TWYS:


To quickly link other e621 users to this page, simply type twys in your message. Example: "Check out twys for an explanation of the TWYS rule."

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