Post in forum #189471 - Advanced tag discussion: Mutually-exclusive Body Types/Styles (anthro, feral, human, humanoid, taur, 'semi-anthro' etc.)
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titanmelon said:
Hm, what about an aberration tag? For cases like post #153313 and most of meandraco's stuff

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Either as a replacement for monster, or a more specific subcategory for the more 'alien' types

The current plan was to either unalias abomination from monster, or to flip it around so abomination is the new main tag. But aberration would work equally well. Not sure which one I'd prefer.

Are hybrid types considered mutually exclusive for categorization purposes?

Yes. The main types (first five in the wiki) are exclusive. Only one should be tagged per character, with the special exception of mid-transformation posts.

Those are also the only tags used with the *_on_* format (feral_on_taur, human_on_humanoid, etc), because the other categories aren't exclusive.

Do we consider the modifier types like flora_fauna, alien, goo etc. for mutually-exclusive body styles?

I'm guessing 'no'

No. Those are modifiers that can be combined with any type, except human. Some characters may need several. Such as undead goo humanoid.

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