Help: Advertising

Hello all,

We are happy to announce that we have opened two advertising spots on e621, that should be open and available to all users going forward. Furthermore, we will be moving our pricing structure to an easy to understand flat rate, based on a weekly basis. If you wish to advertise your product or services, please read below and see what we are offering and what we have available. has a large, ever expanding community, with over 5.8 million unique visitors visiting our website each month. This makes us one of the most visited furry-themed websites within the community. With over 540 million ads delivered on a monthly basis, and our focus on delivering quality, focused advertisements on our network that is relevant to the userbase, you should find our services a fantastic and affordable option for all of your advertising needs.

How does advertising on e621 work?

E621, going forward, will be operating on a flat rate basis. All normal campaigns will be displayed in a fair and balanced manner, at a nominal level that will offer high visibility, depending on the ad zone selected.

Our current ad spaces


We offer 728x90 pixel Leaderboard style banners specifically targeted to our desktop users. Desktop spaces are displayed on the top of posts on the desktop version of e621, with 5 million overall ad impressions displayed daily, amongst all our campaigns.


Our mobile space is a 320x50 pixel Banner located at the top of the mobile posts. Mobile traffic represents the majority of our traffic at this point in time, and display 15 million overall impressions daily, amongst all our campaigns.

How much does it cost?

We have decided to offer flat rate pricing for ease of use and to better balance campaigns against each other. We still will offer custom plans for individuals looking for higher amounts of visibility, balanced against what is fair for our other users, but please contact us directly for anything specific. We do not currently allow users to buy out our entire inventory at this time.

Current prices are as follows –

Desktop Advertising:
$25 for one week, with the campaign starting on the following Monday of the date paid. You can purchase more than 1 week and it will go up accordingly, but the campaign will always start the following Monday from the date of purchase, unless it is of course Monday.

Mobile Advertising:
$75 for one week, with the campaign starting on the following Monday of the date paid. Once again, you can purchase as many weeks in advanced as you would like, but the Campaign will start the following Monday.

We are flexible on timing as well and we are willing to work with users that are looking for a priority campaign, we just ask that all campaigns keep their start dates as close to Monday as possible, this way we can better organize our ad start and end dates for our users.
We are currently only processing payments through PayPal as well.

What size does my ad need to be?

Our desktop slot is a 728x90 pixel leaderboard at the top of the page. This leaderboard is shown on all thumbnail pages as well as all view image pages.

Our mobile slot is a 320x50 pixel banner, located in much the same area on our mobile network.
These sizes are specific to the slot and cannot deviate from the pixel sizes listed.

What are the restrictions on ad content and what I'm linking to?

JPGs and animated GIFs are accepted . We allow advertisers of 'mature' services within reason; adult furry content in ads is acceptable, just please keep it tasteful. Try to keep all file sizes under 2mb for best results

How do I sign up?

To sign up and for more details, please email [email protected] with the following information:

1) your banner image (JPG or GIF),
2) your destination URL (google analytics headers are supported),
3) Your budget / how many weeks you wish to purchase
We will respond with the payment address if accepted.

The Rules

- We reserve the right to cancel and/or remove ads at any time, for any reason. A refund proportional to the time left that the ad has to run will be provided.
- We reserve the right to refuse to accept a new ad at any time, for any reason.
- Ads must be relevant to the demographic of the site. We are willing to make exceptions in this matter, if the project / product is a bit too on the periphery. Please contact us directly.
- Ads are provided on a 'best effort' basis, and are not guaranteed (Site outages and unexpected maintenance will not prompt a refund, but we are always willing to extend and offer additional time for each campaign should these events happen).
- All of this is subject to change. We will make a good faith effort to notify our current advertisers about any major changes, however.

Our advertising is run via Dragonfruit LLC, the same company that owns and runs e621.

Thanks for considering advertising with us!