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For those I know you here , I know I been absent for long time and sometimes I’m not active here everyday , the reason that I’m always in hiatus a lot , so anyway sorry if I’m not active that much (I don’t why I had to apologize lol)

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Yeah I get that. I for one actually think such relationships, especially ones between siblings rather than parents and children, are highly acceptable if not ideal both sexually and romantically as long as the couple takes care to prevent reproduction, whether through safe practices or some means of sterilization.

I was just curious if my assessment of why someone might want to have such a relationship makes sense, and if people hold my same opinion of its acceptance or idealness.

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G0wther said:
how come everyone is so down with incest?

well the reason it's frowned upon is obviously the adverse effects inbreeding has on resulting genes;
so if you put the reproduction matter aside there should be nothing objectionable about incest

if incest stories covered the whole timeline from conceiving to raising a child with birth defects, i'd guess far fewer people would be down with it; can't say i've come across any like that though

I've got a question: how come everyone is so down with incest? Like not literally everyone, but you know, EVERYONE.


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Please support my work so I can keep it going and pay bills. My roommate's jobless and has been looking for work for two months and unemployment is behind by well over a month, so your support would be really helpful. The 19th is also my birthday if that matters.

Ugh... The shitposting that's going on right now in this week's /co/hana thread. An anon found the thread and started complaining about the people who post on it, as well as them supposedly spamming other threads on 4chan to draw attention to the /co/hana threads, and that started a shitshow. Either way, the thread's getting derailed right now as I type this.

So now theyre saying that its possible i could get that place so ove gotta check inflation rates and if that affects it its just so damn confusing ill keep yall updated though

It's always very tempting to just delete a comment if it gets downvoted to hell. Done it a few times before. Thank god this isn't Reddit.

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Watsit said:
I think the word you're looking for is "bracing". To "embrace" means to hold close or hug, while to "brace" means to prepare or plant firmly. You "brace for impact" to prepare for it.

Makes sense. English isn't my first language.