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Sticky: NEW Find The Artist/Source/Image Request Thread page 32 Fliphook supermarcopolo 2351
Sticky: NEW "Do we have a tag for that" thread page 38 nunyabidness2 Circeus 2804
Sticky: NEW General bug report thread - bugs here, bugs there, bugs everywhere, come here and report your bugs page 35 devin115 Millcore 2624
Sticky: NEW PSA: How to add new artist/character/species tags sipothac NotMeNotYou 71
Sticky: NEW Tag Projects page 6 nunyabidness2 ajk 385
Sticky: NEW New Code of Conduct update discussion (2023-09-29) page 3 Swar1 NotMeNotYou 183
Sticky: NEW [PSA] All pending aliases & implications from 2021 and before have now been rejected Furbitron NotMeNotYou 3
Sticky: NEW PSA: How to report bad behavior page 2 toxi-wuff NotMeNotYou 81
Sticky: NEW Collection of Interesting Information and Forum Threads! Milabue NotMeNotYou 66
Sticky: NEW Question: My post has been deleted / removed by the auto-moderator / failed to get approval. (locked) NotMeNotYou NotMeNotYou 0
Sticky: NEW Site Bugs & Features Guidelines + Template (locked) Millcore Scrydan -1
NEW VOCALOID BUR vubbyshark Nimphia 4
NEW Regarding "cub" tag removal and why this is the worst decision in this site's history. page 3 Oxbridge ZombieAstronaut 207
NEW Tag alias: zorro -> fox pleaseletmein pleaseletmein 0
NEW What's your favorite tag for Safe artwork? vubbyshark vubbyshark 9
NEW Tag alias: hobo -> homeless vubbyshark pleaseletmein 1
NEW tailbutt tag project -- HELP WANTED fleskywood fleskywood 2
NEW [APPROVED] holding_grenade_launcher implications BUR auto moderator DubsTheFox 5
NEW More Years Update BUR Alien Fluff Clawstripe 6
NEW Made in A-BUR gattonero2001 gattonero2001 0
NEW Tag alias: an -> invalid_tag Cloudpie Fluffermutt 1
NEW Tag alias: heel_sitting -> seiza Arrow189 anicebee 2
NEW taking_photo BUR Cloudpie Cloudpie 0
NEW Tag alias: catamount -> cougar pleaseletmein pleaseletmein 0
NEW [APPROVED] Idol BUR Nimphia Nimphia 6
NEW Tag implication: corrin_(fire_emblem) -> fire_emblem Fluffermutt Fluffermutt 0
NEW [APPROVED] BUR: unalias torn_* -> notched_* Wolfmanfur DubsTheFox 3
NEW Epilepsy Warning BUR Nimphia Nimphia 0
NEW [APPROVED] Sharks are sharks VotP VotP 18
NEW eastern dragon or Loong Oriental ? TheGreatWolfgang WeiBilin 1
NEW [REJECTED] pugguil disambiguation SNPtheCat Alien Fluff 4
NEW [APPROVED] Slip interpretation SNPtheCat Versperus 4
NEW [APPROVED] holding_axe implications BUR auto moderator DubsTheFox 1
NEW Tag implication: persona_(series) -> atlus SNPtheCat Leotheairwolf 5
NEW Updating The 'Hybrid' Tag (hybrid BUR) SNPtheCat user 187249 7
NEW [REJECTED] Bodily fluids BUR auto moderator DubsTheFox 2
NEW father and daughter tag gone Earlopain sk8th 12
NEW Tag alias: kerrydark -> kdraws abadbird abadbird 1
NEW MythoBURical Clawstripe Clawstripe 0
NEW [APPROVED] Double the daww-BUR Snake-Girl Watsit 24