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Found something that has ZERO porn!

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Including on and that thing is a game called: Raiders of the Broken Planet.

Rule 34 has been broken (at the time of this comment)! Everybody panic! But more importantly, start making porn of it (please o3o)!

We have a thread for that: The Failures of Rule 34

TBH I thought this would be a thread about porn of the number 0.

I mean, it's not that much stupider than porn of toasters.

6 days ago
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Rating: Explicit
Score: -1109
User: Munkelzahn
Date: September 16, 2013

savageorange said:
I mean, it's not that much stupider than porn of toasters.

Porn of toasters is NOT stupid.

Former Staff
6 days ago
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Rating: Safe
Score: 23
User: SnowWolf
Date: July 28, 2012

Munkelzahn said:
Porn of toasters is NOT stupid.

Frakin' toasters...