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Same thing. 16 tagged with big_areolas. 3595 tagged with big_areola.

edit: oh, and wiki page at big_areola.

Currently big_areola wiki says
"This tag is used when the circular area of pigmented skin around the nipples of a character are very pronounced."

Checked Wiktionary for pronounced and got "strongly marked".
Not sure if that "pronounced" conveys size or darkness.

edit: just noticed 372 tagged with huge_areola, not sure what the difference is between big and huge areola. (not defined at big_areola and no wiki yet for huge_areola) Perhaps huge areola are when the diameter of the areola is half-or-more of the diameter of the breast?

Looking at two examples of big_breasts and
thinking areolas at 2012 anatomically_correct anatomically_correct_pussy animal_genitalia animal_pussy anthro bed big_breasts black_hair black_pussy breasts brown_fur brown_nipples buckskin equid equine equine_pussy female fur hair horse looking_at_viewer lying mammal morticus navel nipples nude on_back on_bed pussy solo spreading spread_legs spread_pussy

Rating: Explicit
Score: 212
User: TonyLemur
Date: November 19, 2012 (horse) are larger (percentage-wise)
than the areolas at 2015 anthro areola beauty_mark big_breasts black_nose breasts brown_fur brown_hair brown_tail canid canine canis chest_tuft claws clothing collaboration countershading female fingerless_(marking) fur grey_eyes hair hioshiru iskra mammal multicolored_fur navel nipples nude open_mouth ponytail pussy shin_(hioshiru) solo standing tan_fur towel tuft two_tone_fur wardrobe_malfunction water wet wolf

Rating: Explicit
Score: 322
User: Numeroth
Date: October 15, 2015 (wolf)
So maybe that horse gets tagged with huge_areola
and the wolf with big_areola ?

Or just alias huge_areola to big_areola ?

edit: And 20 uploads are tagged with hyper_areola.

I think the thign that annoys me most is that all of those areola seem roughly proportionate with the breast it's attached to....

SnowWolf said:
I think the thign that annoys me most is that all of those areola seem roughly proportionate with the breast it's attached to....

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it needs to take up a big portion of the breast, or otherwise be puffy.

They hyper ones are dumb since they're not really hyper proportionally to the rest of the tiddy. Sure, they're big and kinda emphasized, but so's the whole damn boob. By the (apparent) logic used to tag those all hyper cocks should be tagged hyper_glans unless the head is still averagely sized.

bump, was about to suggest this myself

I have a proposal, because I am sick and tired of looking up the huge_areola tag and finding nothing but small tiny areola.

Areola:0-15% of breast surface area(basic areola sizes here.)

Big_Areola:16-40% of breast surface area(nearing half the sphere of the breast)

Huge_Areola:41-60% of breast surface area(slightly less to slightly more than half the sphere of the breast)

Hyper_Areola:61-100% of breast surface area (more than half to the whole breast because hyper)