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Involves balls/testicles

5 months ago
2017 abstract_background ambiguous_gender animal_humanoid blue_eyes cat_humanoid clothing cnidarian felid felid_humanoid feline feline_humanoid fingerless_gloves gloves group hair humanoid jacket jellyfish kuroblood mammal marine medusozoan open_mouth solo_focus teeth

Rating: Safe
Score: 12
User: Ruikuli
Date: August 21, 2018

im pretty sure that balls dont get tag if they are covered, but balls expansion could still apply

Former Staff
5 months ago
2011 annoyed antennae arthropod biped black_markings blue_eyes clothed clothing crossed_arms duo feral front_view green_body hawk_moth human insect insect_wings lepidopteran lifting lol_comments male mammal markings moth nisimawari painting_(artwork) pellucid_hawk_moth portrait quadruped shirt shorts simple_background solo_focus spread_wings standing three-quarter_portrait three-quarter_view traditional_media_(artwork) watercolor_(artwork) white_background wings

Rating: Safe
Score: 316
User: Genjar
Date: May 29, 2013

Yeah, -1 since they can be covered.