What qualifies as creepy and not creepy in E621 comments?

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What qualifies as creepy and not creepy in E621 comments?

According to https://e621.net/wiki/show/e621:rules,

Creepy Comments
Suggested Suspension Length: 3 days
This category includes:

  • Creating forum posts, threads, or comments that cause an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease, or are sexually inappropriate

This is intended to ensure that users do not express their personal fetishes/desires publicly. Users have the right, within realistic expectations, to browse comfortably without unneeded or unnecessary commentary of those who wish to express their desires.

Generally anything people would find to be disturbing, disgusting, too much information or stuff that you would say in a rp session.

How To: Comment.

It's the first "Don't" bullet point. That's also the entire short and sweet of it.

Also, clickbait subject line.

Evab100 said:
What qualifies as creepy and not creepy in E621 comments?

After seeing multiple users scolded and even banned for this, I would say that it mainly involves saying things in a certain way that are typically sexual (not always) in reference to files posted or to other users. It's hard to explain exactly what is meant by that, but normally when people dislike a "creepy comment" it's involved some sort of unwanted roleplaying or a display of over-enthusiasm, which comes of as somewhat repellent to most other users. I suppose it's a good thing that this exists, as it makes it so commenters need to keep in mind the level of appreciation they show and how it will carry over. I think there is an explanation about this in the help section though.

TwistedLogik said:
I suppose it's a good thing that this exists,

oh god yes.

It's a good thing.

The things I've seen...

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Evab100 said:
What qualifies as creepy and not creepy in E621 comments?

Please put this as the title of the thread not "A Question."

Generally speaking, the more descriptive a sexual comment, the more creepy it becomes. Some topics like pedophilia, bestiality, and so on trigger sensitivities quickly such that they go "from 0 to 60" creepiness faster than more vanilla or more unrealistic sexual topics. In other words, if a sexual comment becomes too easy to imagine or visualize, then it becomes creepy. The exact point where a comment passes from somewhat uncomfortable but tolerable to too uncomfortable is personal and arbitrary.

Several years ago, I reported a comment for, to summarize, being too pedo. That user got a neutral record and has most likely been inactive for years anyway. More recently, I reported a user for, to summarize again, making an abundance of borderline roleplay and slutty comments with a few that went too far. Their allusions to RL bestiality experience didn't help because admitting to having committed illegal acts is also against the rules. That user got a negative record and was eventually permabanned. I think some non-admins should be able to figure out this second user.

If this all sounds too complicated, then one shotgun approach to non-creepy commenting is don't fucking talk about yourself in any sexual context. That includes sentences with the word "I" and any references to sexual anatomy. One group of generally permitted exceptions are frank, honest, serious, or educational sexual discussions, but it's better to avoid discussing your own sexual experiences, especially when they're not vital to your point.

Lastly, if you are aware of the rules but make a lot of borderline comments regardless because "it's okay if I don't go any farther", you're gonna fuck up eventually and get a record or get banned. Don't complain about it when it happens, and don't complain on behalf of those whom it happens to.