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Do we have a tag for when a character's pussy is spread not by themselves (spread_pussy), but by tape? Pussy_tape itself is for tape that covers it, not spreads it.
anthro anus big_tail black_nose blue_eyes blush bodily_fluids breasts brown_fur butt cheek_tuft clitoris dialogue english_text facial_markings fangs female fur genital_fluids grey_background half-closed_eyes head_markings head_tuft hi_res long_tail looking_at_viewer mammal markings mask_(marking) maypul maypul_syrup nipples open_mouth open_smile pink_nipples pink_pussy pink_tongue procyonid pussy pussy_juice raccoon rivals_of_aether simple_background smile solo speech_bubble spreading spread_legs spread_pussy striped_tail stripes tan_fur tape text three_tone_fur tongue tuft video_games

Rating: Explicit
Score: 36
User: AdiCordo
Date: July 14, 2018