Should this character be tagged with cub?

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Should posts with rowan_(twang) be tagged as cub? I noticed some of them are after I set up my blacklist even though the character doesn't look like that at all; in the same way as the original author tags it on FA, he just looks like a twink moth without anything pointing at him being cub material. Unlike mistagging something like a character's sex or species, possibly mistagging someone's works as cub looks a bit more unfortunate to me.

There's no such thing as "this character should or shouldn't," it's per image. If one image looks cub, tag it as cub. If somebody keeps undoing it, report it and get an admin's say on it. Refine your opinion as you get corrected.

2 months ago
2014 anthro bottle bottomless brown_fur brown_nose brown_tail chair clothed clothing computer desk domestic_cat eyebrows eyelashes felid feline felis fur girly hair headphones hoodie inside jailbird leaning leaning_back legwear liam looking_at_viewer looking_back male mammal multicolored_fur multicolored_tail office_chair reclining short_hair sitting slim smile snout socks solo tan_fur tan_hair tan_tail two_tone_fur two_tone_tail

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Date: May 09, 2014

Tagging is done based on what can be seen in a post, not what you know about a character.

"Should this character be tagged with cub"? just doesn't make sense as a question on e6.