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Topic: New-e621 Copyright Tags in Post Page Titles

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So I can't help noticing that in the new site, the page title for a post seems to be formatted something along the lines of

-Character tags (minus _(*) suffixes)
-One copyright tag in parentheses (In which order? It's not alphabetic or by tag count as it will pick the_legend_of_spyro on a post with activision)
-and etc if more than one copyright tag
-drawn by
-artist tag

This seems fine for when the characters are exclusively owned by the entity of the copyright tag, but if you mix and match, or throw in OCs of a species belonging to a major media IP and you wind up with page titles such as

I'm mostly just wondering why do this at all? It's far too close to the character_(owner) character format when you drop the character suffixes, and copyright tag order seems like it's arbitrarily based on some hidden code somewhere.
It tastes like it's meant to be for a utopia where every character owner has their own copyright tag, or for a world where crossover art and OCs don't exist.

Can we have our text formatting shortcuts back yet?

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