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Topic: [E6NG] Intentional changes

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A list of intentional changes that are not considered bugs:

- Uploader name is not shown on the posts page.
- List of users that have favorited a post is not visible on the post page. This proved to be expensive to look up the names on, hard to cache long term and generally not immediately relevant to those browsing the page beyond novelty.
- There is a cap on the number of favorites that a user can have(80,000). This was added because large favorite counts for single users has been a stability headache.
- There is a cap on the number of posts in a pool(1,000).
- There is a cap on the number of posts in a set(10,000). Same reason as above limit.
- There is a cap on the number of sets you can have(75).
- Some posts cannot be viewed without logging in based on which tags are applied to them.
- The default blacklist has some suggestions on it now.
- Blips can be up to 1,000 characters long.
- You can search for up to 40 tags at once.
- Some metatags accept multiple items split by commas.
- Meta tags are now a tag category. These are meant to be used for tags that are not relevant to the contents of the image, but about the image file itself.
- Invalid tags are now a tag category instead of an alias.
- Lore tags are now a tag category. Lore tags must end with _(lore).
- Blips are no longer confusingly integrated with the profile pages.
- New tag names can only contain ASCII characters. Unicode is no longer allowed inside new tag names.

DText changes:
- Formatting is no longer valid inside of wiki link titles.
- Link targets can contain [ and ] characters, meaning that they may eat dtext that does not have a space before the closing tag next to a link.
- The table dtext tag has changed format and now uses a more bbcode based format. [table][thead][td][tr][tbody] This is more verbose, but also helps to future proof some changes for the future. A temporary workaround has been put in place to automatically transition old tables, however, this is not something you should rely upon for new tables.


The source metatag search was changed to be more explicit about wildcarding. It is now a prefix based match with wildcard support. This allows for matches like source:http://*
To get the same behavior as the old site, prefix your source search with a * such as source:*

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