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You can reach the administrator of this site via email found on the contact page with any questions, comments, or ban appeals.
For advertisement inquiries, please see this help page. The above email address cannot address advertising inquiries


These are your moderators. Please, treat them with respect.

Head Administrator: NotMeNotYou
Developer: Earlopain
Bad Dragon Staff: DasaDevil

Admins: Cinder, crowshow, furrypickle, Rainbow Dash, scaliespe, slyroon, Xch3l

Moderators: binaryfloof, Donovan DMC, tiny bear, Versperus

Janitors: abadbird, Alien Fluff, Cane751, Catt0s, Clawstripe, DubsTheFox, gattonero2001,
Lafcadio, Lance Armstrong, laranja, lemongrab, Mairo, meowmcmeow, Nonbearnary,
Queen Tyr'ahnee, Recursion, S87, Shadowstones, Song, Strikerman, Tarrgon, Wandering Spaniel

Artist Verification

Artists may request to have their e621 accounts verified.
Doing so lists their username on the artist page, and adds a checkmark next to the tag on any posts they upload themselves.

This functionality is completely free.
If you wish to have your account verified, please send a DM stating your username and artist tag to any one of these accounts:


Just one of these will do, as long as you upload artwork to that site.

Record Decay

Any record that is not a permanent ban will decay over time.
A negative record will become neutral after six months, and a neutral record will be removed entirely after six months.
This assumes that no more rules were broken during that time.

This process is not automatic.
If you wish to have your records reviewed, please send a DMail to any one of the following staff members:

Non-English Languages

Some of our staff members may provide help in other languages.