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Topic: [APPROVED] Tag alias: tailsko_(sonic) -> miles_prower

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The tag alias #46532 tailsko_(sonic) -> miles_prower has been approved.

Reason: Similar tags have already been aliased to miles_prower. It's just a fan made up name for Tails as a female.

Q: Why not remove it manually?
A: People keep re-adding it.

Similar tags
sonica_(sonic) -> sonic_the_hedgehog
knuckleline_(sonic) -> knuckles_the_echidna
knucklesline_(sonic) -> knuckles_the_echidna
shadina_(sonic) -> shadow_the_hedgehog
silvia_(sonic) -> silver_the_hedgehog

EDIT: The bulk update request #81 (forum #) has been approved by @Millcore.

EDIT: The tag alias tailsko_(sonic) -> miles_prower (forum #292131) has been approved by @Millcore.

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All by the same user. I hope the ticket gets processed soon, before this nonsense spreads and other users start thinking that those are fine to use.

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