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Topic: [FAILED] Foreskin Restoration

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The bulk update request #253 is pending approval.

remove implication foreskin_pull -> uncut
remove implication foreskin_play -> uncut
remove implication phimosis -> uncut
remove implication foreskin_piercing -> uncut
create implication foreskin_pull -> foreskin # duplicate of implication #31943
create implication uncut -> foreskin # duplicate of implication #11935
create implication partially_retracted_foreskin -> foreskin # duplicate of implication #31657
create implication long_foreskin -> foreskin # duplicate of implication #26215
create implication foreskin_sheath -> foreskin
create implication foreskin_pull -> foreskin # duplicate of implication #31943

Reason: Needed cleanup for a long time, would be willing to take suggestions on dealing with uncut_with_sheath bc it really is a bit ambiguopus between the difference. Does this count as that? or is this its own tag?

Anyway Im not sure if Im accidentally treading over existing ground.

Also lastly once and for all. Should we alias Uncut to intact or leave it as *uncut*. They mean the same thing so theres no net positive or negative.

EDIT: The bulk update request #253 (forum #295957) has failed: Error: retracted_foreskin already implies foreskin through another implication (create implication retracted_foreskin -> foreskin)

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Just gonna TL;DR and say again that as non native english speaker, if I search for uncut dicks, I search foreskin. So as long as you can find uncut dicks by searching foreskin, then I'm fine with this literally years old debade.

Both uncut and uncircumcised still sound extremely stupid to me because it's reflecting to default and natural state of humanoid penis by saying that there's nothing done to it (it's like tagging all images where character isn't amputated as unamputated), where foreskin points to objective physical part of the penis that is visible. Thing uncircumcised alias would do is make it sound more professional and clearer it means slashing of penis specifically.

I also forgot to add Deimplicating Foreskin pull from Uncut orz and deimplicating everything from uncut. I also still think Uncut is a useless tag as @mairo brought up but some people seem determined to fight it tooth and claw to keep it. So Im going to just let that sit.

I still stand by saying Parasprite was right when they flipped that alias and the fact they were bullied out for doing so is beyond frustrating.

I digress. Im not looking for drama, just want this fixed after 3-4 years.

d.d.m. said:

There's also the possibility of utilizing circumcised_penis and uncircumcised_penis instead of circumcised and uncircumcised, to help further reduce the ambiguity of how these tags should be utilized.

The problem with that is that FGM(nullification and clitoral amputation) and Female Circumcision (Labiaplasty) are a thing called "Circumcision" and thats a whole can of worms. Since theyre depicted on site that means we cannot use those as tags.

I'll toss out the old forums that touched this topic:
topic #26553
topic #16575

Otherwise, there's not much I see wrong except foreskin_sheath. Last time I heard, a sheath cannot have foreskin on it, but that might be wrong at this point.

Check the linked post. A very high quantity of mine and my fiance's characters have the feature

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