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Sticky: NEW Are there any simple implications, aliases, or BURs that you want to bump back up? SNPtheCat Strikerman 44
NEW Tag alias: warfare_fox_mccloud -> warfare_fox Watsit Peepoodo 1
NEW Tag alias: streaming -> livestream Lonely Fox 89 Lonely Fox 89 0
NEW Tag alias: tf_into_fictional_character -> embodiment_transformation DirtyDerg DirtyDerg 4
NEW Tag implication: construction_site -> construction Well-Thats-A-Thing Well-Thats-A-Thing 0
NEW Tag implication: construction_worker -> construction Well-Thats-A-Thing Well-Thats-A-Thing 0
NEW [REJECTED] Tag alias: warfare_fox -> warfare_fox_mccloud auto moderator Peepoodo 2
NEW Bag BUR Nimphia Nimphia 2
NEW Genital Torture / Mutilation BUR dba afish Opilione 11
NEW Tag alias: purse -> handbag Nimphia Nimphia 0
NEW Tag alias: laflat_(tloz) -> laflat Grenky Grenky 0
NEW Unimply x_anus -> anus Nimphia Strikerman 14
NEW Furred shark BUR Waydence Waydence 3
NEW Should we keep portal_ring? pleaseletmein SNPtheCat 2
NEW draconic/draconian pleaseletmein pleaseletmein 0
NEW [APPROVED] Disambiguate Silverstream auto moderator Nimphia 1
NEW Tag alias: female_frisk_(undertale) -> frisk_(undertale) SNPtheCat Nimphia 6
NEW [REJECTED] Fingering and Fingered Watsit anguirus12345 4
NEW Get your chinstrap on (alias) kora viridian kora viridian 0
NEW Tag alias: odiousbird -> hacony Clawstripe kora viridian 1
NEW [BUR] Donation Drives and Interaction Drives DirtyDerg DirtyDerg 1
NEW [REJECTED] Tag alias: dot_(piebunny) -> dot_(bunnyqueen) auto moderator BunnyQueen 3
NEW Accessory BUR Nimphia Nimphia 2
NEW Tag alias: graphic_tee -> print_t-shirt Nimphia Nimphia 0
NEW Disambiguating 'Gas' faucet DirtyDerg 1
NEW Tag alias: dodger_(redpandabobana) -> dodger_(dodgerPNG) dodgerPNG dodgerPNG 3
NEW dudedle -> copyright auto moderator Wandering Spaniel 4
NEW Tag alias: botter -> hybrid Labra Labra 0
NEW Tag alias: young_on_old -> adult_on_young Leafdapple Leafdapple 2
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: erectio -> erection auto moderator Strikerman 1
NEW unalias twink -> girly Nimphia keysmasher123 18
NEW Invalidating "simplex" Lafcadio Lafcadio 2
NEW Slim BUR Nimphia Nimphia 1
NEW [APPROVED] Kemo Coliseum Character BUR auto moderator Foolysh 4
NEW Tag alias: saucymauler -> spikedmauler MoonMoonMoon MoonMoonMoon 3
NEW Tag implication: tooth_gap -> teeth SNPtheCat faucet 2
NEW Arms, mouth, head -> invalid category Wandering Spaniel Wandering Spaniel 2
NEW Tag implication: microsoft_paint_(copyright) -> microsoft faucet faucet 0
NEW Tag alias: octomaid -> cecaelia pleaseletmein PythonCompiler 3
NEW [REJECTED] Bandannas, Headkerchiefs, and Neckerchiefs: Revised Wandering Spaniel garfieldfromgarfield 17