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Title Last Post Created Replies
NEW Tag implication: sailor_moon_redraw_challenge -> sailor_moon_(series) showmebruv showmebruv 0
NEW Breast Face Tags garfieldfromgarfield garfieldfromgarfield 1
NEW unalias boob_window -> keyhole_turtleneck Strikerman user 22273 2
NEW Tag implication: c.j._(animal_crossing) -> animal_crossing BooruHitomi BooruHitomi 0
NEW (Megathread) Tag Implication: (multiple tags) -> universal Rollingpussbob AntDawg41 3
NEW Tag Alias: sailor_fuku -> sailor_uniform JAKXXX3 BlueDingo 6
NEW De-implicate forced_transformation -> forced Watsit Watsit 0
NEW Tag alias: ukimori_(artist) -> ultraviolet Furrin Gok dangitusernames 1
NEW Remove copyright tag zeetyphlosion Chirmaya Chirmaya 0
NEW Merge kaizer and showkaizer_(character) Chirmaya Chirmaya 0
NEW De-implicate belly_expansion -> inflation Shadowstones Shadowstones 0
NEW Bimbo tag D.D.M. iamacaterpiller 1
NEW Tag Alias: graveyard -> cemetary, but with proper spelling Genjar SnowWolf 2
NEW Why is the WebM tag aliased to animated? bipface HelloAnonMyOldFriend 1
NEW Tag Alias: animal_anus -> invalid_tag slyroon LurkingLupinoyd 2
NEW Tag Discussion: Should spitroast imply group_sex? D.D.M. lurkbbs 1
NEW Tag Alias: aesthetic -> invalid_tag auto moderator user 22273 0
NEW Tag alias: denial -> denial_(disambiguation) slyroon slyroon 0
NEW Two tags are missing from this post Furrin Gok Grey Wisdom 2
NEW Tag Alias: on_couch -> on_sofa MagnusEffect g273435d 5
NEW "Pegasus" is against site values TheVileOne Proceleon 5
NEW Tag Implication: bisexual_sandwich -> sandwich_position A Losing Game sdrawkcaB 10
NEW Tag Alias: Legosi_(Beastars) -> Legoshi_(Beastars) needs fixing DarkDragon2344 DarkDragon2344 16
NEW Tag Implication: annabelle_(adgth) -> all_dogs_go_to_heaven auto moderator Tuvalu 1
NEW Tag Alias: fallen -> eliksni Nevan Nevan 5
NEW Tag Alias: 21:9 -> 7:3 felix nermix tritlupo 6
NEW How do I change artist tag? Dodudoru InsaneProxy 8
NEW De-alias rose_quartz_(steven_universe) from rose_quartz_universe AlexYorim Jacob 3
NEW De-implicate bisexual_sandwich -> sandwich_position MagnusEffect MagnusEffect 22
NEW Why has the Solo_(insert gender) tags disappeared? alphamule RagnarokStravius 6
NEW Tag Implication: cum_in_hand + cum_in_hands -> cum_on_hand CaptainRober87 CaptainRober87 0
NEW Tag alias: alewdandemocatto -> lewdkitty7 AdmiralHeffley AdmiralHeffley 0
NEW De-implicate interspecies from human_on_feral TheVileOne Jacob 15
NEW Tag Implication: dakimakura_pose -> dakimakura_design Artiamus Artiamus 0
NEW Tag Implication: manako_(monster_musume) -> monster_musume auto moderator Blind Guardian 0
NEW Tag Implication: face_imprint -> imprint auto moderator Fifteen 3
NEW Tag Alias: phantom.berserkr -> inkrend auto moderator Seathre 1
NEW De-alias disembodied_arm from disembodied_hand Jacob Jacob 3
NEW Tag Alias: kitt_kitten -> kitt_kitan TheVileOne TheVileOne 0
NEW Tag alias: check_translation -> translation_check D.D.M. showmebruv 2