Topic: [PSA] We'll be rejecting all pending aliases & implications from 2017

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Long story short, we have a bunch of pending alias and implication requests that have been languishing in limbo forever, and are sometimes interfering with new requests. In order to help get rid of them as well as more easily make new requests we've decided to cut the fat, so to speak, and mass reject all old ones.

What will this impact? Only the aliases and implications themselves, anything rejected can be requested again as is, or with changes to fit other things that have been implemented since the initial request.
Forum posts and all discussion surrounding any requests are not affected, and will persist in the forum.

If you have any requests you would still like to have discussed for approval you can either bump the corresponding forum thread and give a reason why it should be approved, or if you miss the deadline just remake it.

The current plan is to hit the button on everything requested in 2017 on the first of July.

For your convenience here are all the pending ones that are scheduled to be rejected:


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