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ambiguous_gender animal_ears avian bird blue_hair boots bow cute dress eeveelution gijinka hair human invalid_tag japanese_text male mammal multicolored_hair navel nintendo open_mouth penguin pink_hair piplup plain_background pokémon ribbons skirt standing sylveon teeth text translation_request video_games 草薙芳_(artist) 

Rating: Safe 
Score: 0 
User: DeltaFlame 
Date: April 01, 2015 ↕0 ♥1 C0 S after_sex animal_ears black_clothing black_dress black_legwear blush bottomless breasts breasts_outside bukkake butt cat_ears cellphone cellphone_camera clothed clothing convenient_censorship cum cum_in_mouth cum_inside cum_on_face cum_on_leg cum_on_pussy dress dress_lift female hair half-dressed invalid_tag leg_grab legwear male open_mouth over-kneehighs phone pink_hair pov_hands red_eyes sex smoke_(flyx21) spread_legs spreading strapless_dress thigh_highs tongue tongue_out 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 4 
User: Hibachi 
Date: April 01, 2015 ↑4 ♥17 C0 E

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